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This is action time for EAF to be in Port-au-prince Haiti, during the earthquake, in January 12, 2010, using all our expertise to help the people of Haiti ...

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LGBT event on march 30th, 2019...

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Belleglade event with the mayor of Belleglade and the mayor of south bay, on saturday 9th of November, 2019...

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On Saturday the 16th of November, 2019 at Caridad Health center event, done by Embracearms foundation...

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This is one of the bigger's events we had on December 29, 2009 in Orangier, Haiti. This was a community day, where we had doctors, social workers, teachers, marital counselors in the area and available to the locals. We distributed food, clothes, toys and also assessed the drinking water system in Orangier ...

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EAF staff distributed food and clothing to the poor of Haiti...

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July 2009 event in Orangier, Haiti, where EAF staff met with community leaders, had an open forum discussion with the locals, distributed food, clothes, and medications...

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Books and school supplies giveaway Carrefour on September 30, 2013 ...

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Palm Beach State College...

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Verrettes agriculture for women on September 28, 2013 ...

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Embrace Arms is dedicated to improving the lives of children and promoting awareness of there needs and issues within the poorest country's in the Western Hemisphere. Our mission is to focus on children with special needs, especially those abused, neglected, and socio-economically challenged.  We plan on implementing educational and health care programs that will directly address their present difficulties. 

Embrace Arms is dedicated to supporting children and their families by providing the fundamentals necessary to improve their well being. We intend to make basic items such as: 
• Improving Safer Drinking Water through seminars and basic "Water Safety" programs for preventing the spread of disease.  
• Identifying basic Health Concerns that can be reversed.  
• Teaching the Residents skills on preventing spread of harmful bacteria. 
• Training individuals in performing basic medical procedures to prevent serious infections in our
"Train A Professional Program (TAPP)" . ex.  Wound care and dressing changes, Insulin injections ect.. 

Improving Education Methods by teaching the educators and providing basic learning supplies. We also intend to add basic fundamental Math, Writing, Reading, Science and Speaking programs to their weekly curriculum.   Embrace Arms understands that many issues affect children but, we also understand that some of these issues such as Water, Food And Education have a much greater impact than others. We want to have as great of an impact as possible with our charitable contributions.  

Embrace Arms will  create charities and programs that will most effectively address these key issues. Charitable donations will encompass a wide variety of possibilities by allocating Education and Health Care Supplies to those that need crucial assistance. Our objective and GOAL is to reach and help every child in assist them every step of the way. 

Embrace Arms' mission is to "educate and empower today's youth to become future active leaders in their communities of tomorrow"  

Embrace Arms is an independent, nonprofit organization working to improve the life of  one child at a time. We are committed to solving the critical social problems in places that need a helping hand such as Haiti, Dominican Republic and Panama. Providing basic programs in education and health care  will save the lives of some today and also begin a change for tomorrow.